Gentleman? I doubt..

You call yourself a Gentleman, with chivalry proper and right.

You pretend to be the Gentleman and catch the girl’s sight.


But where are you , the Gentleman–

When your girl goes ’round with some other guy?

Or go clubbing and dancing–And partying and drinking–

Into the gorgeous night?

Where are you My Gentleman, when-

Just your Money makes her happy?


Where are you the Gentleman,

When she decides to take her Stand?



The Missing Piece

We can’t believe this is what life would be.
Something is definitely wrong. We assert.

Something is Missing….
But what is it?

Trying to answer this impossible question and searching for the most satisfactory way to lead life,
This is our journey–.
“a quest to find the missing piece”.    –through life.

And as we stumble along the way,

Let us hope that we find the Right to make our own mistakes.

Let us hope that the Right to explore life doesn’t become synonymous with guilt.

Let us hope that Right to question doesn’t become synonymous with dis-respect.

With hope in our heart that one day  “The Missing Piece” will reveal iself and fit exactly in the puzzle,

let us promise to meet again by the sea in a moony night to share the wonders that the world is about to reveal.

And Till then,

Hope we remain kind and accept all broken souls with all our heart.




Smile-Can it be Simple?

I never really understood why people couldn’t smile when all their life they struggled for happiness.

And I was all the more surprised when I saw that any effort to make them smile or laugh would be looked down upon.

And surprisingly I found the people who wants to laugh with you will laugh even at your stupidest jokes without much of your trying but those who have decided to not entertain you, well, good luck cracking them.
Smile, though everyone wants to, its very conditional and not neccesarily the true thing one needs. Most of us work to gain importance, to be proud of himself at the end of the day, and they won’t smile even at the funniest of jokes if they are not on the track of  their improvements.
Smile is also a sign, a gesture, of acceptance, a symbol of welcome and friendship. Rich will never have a laugh with rickshaw-walas lest their ego be hurt.
They say a girl looks for a man with good sense of humour but the truth is a gigling man is looked down upon as a jackass and they want their man to crack jokes only for them.

BUT I hope that you all will spread the power of smile to each corner that has turned blue.



SO last day MONU was very much disappointed with God, WHO is helping the people who are studying all day when the people who are not studying needs HIM the most. As MONU explained to GOD that, this why there is a growing inequality everywhere!

But Jumki reminded Monu that “GOD helps only those who help Themselves”!!

Monu couldn’t see any sense in her statement!  He felt like it meant “whoever eats is not hungry!”

Monu then announces that he will not let GOD help Jumki in her exams tomorrow, who has already studied the whole semester.

In the midst of an open challenge, Monu storms out of the temple!

Now, heres the next Part(2) of EPISODE 1: THE SEEDS OF DOUBT!!


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